In the restaurant industry, that’s now in flux, with many states only permitting outdoor dining and waiting to restore indoor dining, the concept of ghost kitchens, which offers delivery and pickup only from shared facilities, is suddenly on the upswing.

Why spend half a million dollars or more to open a brick and mortar eatery, when a restaurateur can launch a ghost or virtual kitchen for about $50,000 or one tenth that price? Who needs sit-down dining when consumers can order on their smartphones and pick-up in no time at all?

Exemplifying a ghost kitchen that is fast expanding is Kitchen United, which has amassed $50 million in venture capital funding from Google Ventures (now called GV) and real-estate firms Divco West and RXR.

And Kitchen United is just one of several virtual eateries on the horizon because companies such as CloudKitchens, Kitopi, Zuul and REEF Kitchens are also flourishing.

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